B.B., Stuart FL, 43ft. Grand Banks

Brad B. Suburban Manufacturing
It was February when you installed [the Barnacle Zapper units] in Stuart FL and now it’s October. No one at the [boat] yard could believe that the entire bottom of the boat was free of barnacles. The …swim platform and the lift had a lot as you can see in the picture, but none on the bottom or on the pods themselves. A quick pressure wash to the bottom removed what I call is an algae looking slight growth that came off really easy. They [dockmaster] said the water temperature was in the eighties and normally they would see barnacles within a couple weeks. Again we have been there (our current marina) since July and nothing has been done since February. With our shakedown cruise coming to an end as we head back down to FL, I wanted to let you know of the positive results and I really do believe in your technology.

A year after Barnacle Zapper installation on his Grand Banks in Stuart, FL, this boat owner is extremely happy with the results. Check out the video testimonial above to see for yourself.

Eight months after the Barnacle Zapper installation this boat owner is astonished at the lack of barnacles on his boat.

At Installation


8 Months Later at Haul-Out

G.S., Pompano Beach FL, 31ft. Bayliner

Gary S. Phone: 954-818-4182
I had Barnacle Zapper installed in June.I have yet needed to call my diver to clean my hull bottom. I had an agreement to clean the bottom ever 6 weeks. My diver is no longer a friend of mine. This device did exactly what it promised. Amazing!

This video shows the boat bottom 5 months after installing Barnacle Zapper.

Mark Turner, Fleet Service Director, Fort Meyers Beach, FL, 47ft. Lagoon

Mark Turner, Fleet Service Director Offshore Sailing School
Usually we have to do a complete bottom job. This year, nothing! Just replaced the zincs, inspect the running gear and back in the water she goes. Can you send me a quote for 2 more units? Thanks!

One year after the installation of Barnacle Zapper on this Lagoon 470, the results are astonishing.

Wolfram Ripoll, Cartanega, Columbia, 45ft. Beneteau

Wolfram Ripoll
After a year in the water I was surprised, nothing on it, no barnacles!