Electrical Requirements

What voltage is required?

The Barnacle Zapper requires a constant 12 volt DC power supply.

Does it need to run all the time?

It is not necessary but, it is advantageous to have the Barnacle Zapper cleaning your hull 24 hours a day. It uses about the same amount of energy as a 40 watt light bulb, which isn’t much.

Is it safe to touch the transducers and wiring while it’s running?

Yes. The Barnacle Zapper uses a low voltage 12 volt DC power supply rather than a 110 Volt AC household current to power the unit. It’s also additionally protected by a 5 amp inline fuse.


Does it work in all boats?

The Barnacle Zapper works on all fiberglass, steel and aluminum hulls. Due to the nature and joining structure of wooden boats, the ultrasonic waves are prevented from resonating throughout the hull.

Will the Barnacle Zapper protect my running gear?

Inboard motors with shaft drives will benefit from the ultrasonic waves radiating out from the hull. Although the ultrasonic waves are not as strong as against the hull, they will still give adequate protection to the running gear. By design, sterndrives are isolated from the hull through the use of rubber bushings and bellows. Because of this, the transducers will need to be positioned nearer the transom and closer to the sterndrive. This will allow the greatest amount of ultrasonic waves to radiate and protect the sterndrive.


Can I install the system myself?

The Barnacle Zapper can be installed in less than two hours using basic tools, and following our easy to use instructions. If you have any questions or run into difficulties during the installation, please contact our technical support at (561) 654-4344.

Can the Barnacle Zapper be installed while the boat is in the water?

Yes. The transducers are attached to the inside of the hull, and the control unit can be placed above deck in a storage cabinet or below deck above the waterline.

Will the Barnacle Zapper work in a foam or wood cored hull?

The Barnacle Zapper will work in a cored hull so long as the following steps are performed. A small 5” diameter section of the inner layer of fiberglass and foam or wood core needs to be removed so that the transducer can make contact with the outer fiberglass skin of the hull. The cored area needs to be sealed with resin prior to installing the transducer.


How Durable Is This Machine?

The Barnacle Zapper is built using the latest digital technology and sealed in a waterproof control unit. All of the fittings, transducers and cabling are built to withstand the harsh marine environment.

Is there a warranty?

Yes. We warranty the Barnacle Zapper for a full 2 years from the date of purchase. Should a problem arise, please contact your local dealer or reach us directly at (561) 654-4344.

Is there any maintenance needed?

One of the greatest qualities of the Barnacle Zapper is that it requires absolutely no maintenance!! It is 100% digital and therefore has no moving parts that would need servicing.