Increased Performance

A boat with a fouled hull can use up to 20 percent more fuel. With today’s higher fuel costs the savings can be substantial.


family on boat

Time on the Water

The Barnacle Zapper eliminates need for monthly cleaning of your hull. Its ultrasonic technology works 24 hours a day, so you don’t have to. The time saved can be now time enjoyed out on the water!


Environmentally Safe

The Barnacle Zapper uses safe ultrasonic wave technology to prevent build up. Unlike other methods, like toxic paints, the ultrasonic waves are gentle and completely clean to the environment. No marine life is harmed when using The Barnacle Zapper. 


Cost Effective

The Barnacle Zapper eliminates the need for monthly cleanings, and the lack of build up makes your boat more fuel efficient! The total operating cost of The Barnacle Zapper is a mere $0.20 a day.